What we value

At Acquire Capital Solutions, treating our clients and stakeholders with the highest levels of respect and personal service is fundamental.


We back people

Our approach brings more to the table than finance, it also looks to add real value through support, advice, networking and our own intellectual capital.

We also believe it is important our clients can obtain the right solutions quickly, efficiently and with complete transparency. Our clients are not just forms we tick and flick, because we do our business face-to-face. If we are behind you – we are behind you all the way, and your best interests are our prime directive.

We believe in being honest, using our own trusted valuers to ensure all the right information is being considered, and a clear and agreed strategy developed that is of benefit to all parties and minimises risk.

Responsiveness, business acumen, diligence and ethics – that is what built our reputation, and those are values we continue to uphold each and every day.


“ On our recent project with Acquire Capital Solutions, we have found them to be open-minded, professional and efficient.  In their highly respected positioning in the market and their product offering, each project is judged on it’s own merits, meaning we are often able to obtain finance for developments that our bank would shy away from. Being able to access finance such an expedient manner puts us ahead of the game and allows us to expand our business at a much faster rate. ”

Nat Bylund
Director of Landmark Building & Developments Pty Ltd. Borrower.


Time is of the essence

As the funding organisation, we are able to act more swiftly and flexibly than mainstream lenders. Our focus on property as our sector of primary activities and the use of property as the security for lending gives us a framework within any application can be quickly assessed.

By working face-to-face to develop the funding strategy with those operating in their core business, who have a demonstrable ability to succeed, we can act with decisiveness and confidence to support you well beyond simply providing the initial arrangement.

In general, this boutique, partnership approach means we can approve arrangements within up to five working days, if not sooner. During the term of the agreement we also remain engaged to ensure any subsequent variations or ongoing facilities such as drawdowns are approved efficiently and fairly.


“ Our client had been to many banks for land sub division finance before turning to AAA Commercial Finance.  We immediately contacted Acquire Capital Solutions and put forward the Feasibility and Supporting Documents . Within 24 hours, a Letter of Terms , and within  7 days, the Conditional Approval and Documents was issued. Our client was incredibly impressed with the speed of draw down processing and the ability of Acquire to understand the various issues that arose. This resulted in the project coming to fruition rather than coming to a complete halt.”

Stephen Bisgrove
Partner. Huntington and Associates. Broker/introducer


We deliver

Our commitment extends beyond the initial finance agreement, because we recognise that a genuine partnership will achieve the best results for all parties.

Dealing with us means you are always able to speak to someone that can make decisions with you, and it also means being given the benefit of our expertise as advisors and supporters for your endeavours.

Fairness is a fundamental for our company, and that means always following through on what we promise to deliver.

At all times, we will work with you to keep everything on track and moving smoothly towards your goals.


“ We continually come back to speak with Acquire as our first point of call for all property funding. They possess and provide intelligent knowledge on various funding options, have excellent capability to look at deals quickly, and provide answers and solution with no fuss. Their staff are always accessible, and helpful with every phone call and every deal. Without the support and commitment from Acquire Capital Solutions, we would not be involved in the projects we are today.”

Adam Leach
Director Leisure Brothers Pty Ltd. Borrower


An alternative to equity

Because we believe in investing with impact and achieving the greatest good for our clients and our investors, we look to support the entrepreneurial spirit.

When our clients succeed, we recognise that all of those around them in the wider community also benefit. By serving the businesses that serve others, encouraging innovation and excellence, and enabling people to reach their goals, we do our part to ensure our economy and society thrive.

This is why we provide more than just lending. By sharing our expertise and networks across property, development, investment, marketing, finance and legal matters, our clients are supported to achieve the best possible outcomes.


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